Updated BPE Guidelines

New changes have been made to the BPE guidelines – 6 important changes which have a direct impact on everyday dentistry:

  1. If a code 3 is identified, initial therapy should be carried out. Then post initial therapy with a 6 point pocket chart in that sextant only
  2. If a code 4 is identified, all sites in that sextant must be examined
  3. Radiographs should be taken for all code 3 or 4 sextants (bitewings or peri-apicals with crestal bone levels visible)
  4. No BPE for implants – 4 or 6 point pocket chart recommended
  5. When a 6 point pocket chart is indicated, only sites greater than 4mm need to be recorded (all 6 sites per tooth must be measured)
  6. Bleeding on probing should always be recorded in conjunction with a 6 point pocket chart

Full guidelines can be found at: http://www.bsperio.org.uk/publications/downloads/39_150345_bpe-2016-po-v5-final.pdf

Published March 2016 (review March 2021)